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October 2018




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Oct. 14th, 2018

Hello! Project Groups' Unnecessary Members Part 1

It's been a while everyone!! So many things have happened in the world of H!P since I've been away from livejournal, but something that's been on my mind lately is how all of the H!P groups are being managed and how many unnecessary girls have been added to certain groups almost as fillers.

Girls where I've thought, "If they were missing, would I care?"

As a disclaimer, I'd like to say that I really do like all of the current acts and I'm doing my best to understand the charms of each individual girl since I'll be a Hello!Project fan for the rest of my life. :)

This is just a list of girls who I think haven't added to or taken away from their respective groups at the moment. They're just there until they graduate.

And without further ado!

Morning Musume '18:

12th Generation:
Haga Akane (2014-Present)

This isn't me still being bitter that she was chosen over Sasaki Rikako and Funaki Musubu to be in MM, btw. (Both ironically ended up in Angerme. lol.) There just isn't anything special about her that makes me want to be her fan. She's pretty, but not that pretty. She's not an amazing singer or dancer, and her personality is average. Nothing special. She could have easily been replaced by anyone and I wouldn't feel any way about it. Like seriously I wouldn't miss her. It's so unfortunate that she has left no impression after being in the group for 4 years. :/
Also I would have added Ogata Haruna to this list too, but she also graduated without leaving much of an impression.
And I debated whether or not I should add Nonaka Miki to this list since she also lacks impact. BUT! She is one of the better singers in MM right now and speaks English, so I can at least distinguish her from the other members in a concrete way.
In conclusion, the 12th generation was a mess except for Maria. They should have just chosen Rikako, Danbara, and any of the shining stars they rejected from both 12th generation auditions. Does anyone remember Tanabe Nanami? (It's crazy that there were 2 auditions and of all those brilliant talents, management was like, I want these girls. And come on. Morito Chiaki auditioned for the 12th gen too.)

13th Generation:
Kaga Kaede (2016-Present)

Now don't get me wrong. I love Kaedy and I cried with her when she got into MM after so many years of training. It's just that after all that, she has left 0 impressions on me. None. I really do love her (idk why though), but she's average at singing, decent at dancing, has average looks, but is otherwise overall underwhelming. I don't know if she was meant to occupy the space that Duu left behind, but she has to be more memorable! Time's running out for her since she's 20 next year!

Yokoyama Reina (2016-Present)

Yokoyan is super cute. She's like a cute puppy who's everyone's younger sister!! Unfortunately, Morito Chisaki was added less than 6 months after she joined, and she now occupies that space since Chii-chan is actually too cute and charming for words. So Yokoyan has nowhere to stand since she's not especially good at anything else.

In conclusion, the 13th Generation was also a mess, and at this point they should have added at least a good singer and performer like... idk... Danbara Ruru.


6th Generation:
Kawamura Ayano (2017-Present)

Honestly, I can't find her purpose. ANGERME is full of both eccentric and beautiful girls or either eccentric or beautiful (let's take Rinapuu out of this since she's an irreplaceable core member). Kawamura Ayano is not enough of either and doesn't have any special talents which makes me think...? Did she belong here? I feel bad since Funaki Musubu is such a charming and talented girl, so being in the same generation probably sucks. Good luck!!
S/N: This would have actually been another good place to put Danbara Ruru, but I digress.


Yanagawa Nanami (2017-Present)

And I feel so bad saying this, but she honestly is so forgettable in 8 member Juice=Juice. She's such an important part of Country Girls, so it's not about her. It's more about the fact that Juice=Juice doesn't need her or anything about her. The OG 5 J=J members already had a solid thing going on, but I understand that the oldest two will probably graduate very very soon, so they added new members. Ideally, management would add members that alligned with their existing image and talents and they did with Danbara Ruru who is a superior H!P singer and performer and has a great body with long legs. Nanamin on the other hand is an average to below average singer with no exceptional performance ability. She's neither attractive nor unnatractive, but she has a large head and a really really short body. So. She didn't really fit. Over the course of 2017, she worked really hard and managed to attain solid performance skills with slightly upgraded visuals which was amazing for her, BUT THEN, management added former Country Girls' Inaba Manaka to the lineup. Manaka has superior performance and dance skills, and she's small but very powerful so you notice her on stage. Since Danbara joined, the already fantastic singing skills of J=J went up, and since Manaka joined, their dance skills went up, so they feel like a more well rounded group.
All of this makes Nanamin super unnecessary to the group right now and she feels like deadweight.

Country Girls (2014-Present)

NONE! <3 They're all important to the group and I resent what management is doing with it. :(

Kobushi Factory (2015-Present)

ALSO NONE! The deadweight left/got fired. Everything happens for a reason and now only the kids good at singing are left.

Tsubaki Factory:

Yamagishi Riko (2015-Present)

Despite being the leader, there is no weight to her presence in the group. At all. She's supposed to be the best performer, but I think Kishimon and Mao have that covered.

Niinuma Kisora (2015-Present)

"?" That's what I think whenever I look at her. lol. I have no idea what space she's supposed to be occupying here. She looks lost 100% of the time and I feel lost for her.

Anyway. That's all for now! I have thoughts on the new groups and how I secretly think they won't debut. lol. JK, they will, but they shouldn't until they find better members. They are all lacking star power, even from an H!P fan's perspective!
But I digress. Maybe see you in another 5 years when all of these groups have graduated and Danbara Ruru has become a shining star like Suzuki Airi.

Dec. 30th, 2014

Goodbye to 2014!!!

As everyone may know, I love Hello! Project and Johnny's, but lately, I've been a little frustrated with the latter since all of my favorite Juniors are getting older, and the company isn't showing signs of their debut... so... I'm a little frustrated.

On the other hand, Hello! Project, in my opinion, is finally making some great decisions, so I'm going to focus on them!!!
(Aside from allowing S/mileage to rename themselves ANGERME, that is...)

They are truly headed for greatness in the year 2015 in my opinion (and hopes/wishes).

So! This is the list of things I hope really happen for H!P next year.

C-ute get their dues!!!
Never has there been a group more deserving of public attention. C-ute is so talented, and they really need to be recognized right about now. It's time. With Maimi as the new Queen Bee of H!P, they have to get noticed more. I want one of them to star in a drama in any role, any role at all... because they deserve attention!!! <3 <3 <3 Good luck in 2015, C-ute!!!

Sasaki Rikako gets famous!!!!
Okay, yes, ANGERME needs attention too (#stillbittershesnotinmm15), because they have been pulling performances together really well as of late, but Sasaki Rikako (they should change her stage name to RIKAKO eventually) is their selling point right now... and Ayacho and Take-chan, but Rikako is just immaculate and could be the next Hashimoto Kana if the agency just lets her! She's gorgeous and spirited, and talented, so here's to hoping for magazine and drama offers, if not next year, then very very soon!!!

Morning Musume get the attention they deserve on music shows!!!
This goes without saying. They're such talented performers at this point, and all of their songs are really good and selling well, so, like E-girls, they should get more attention for their performance skills. They're better than AKB and Momoiro Clover Z for sure!!! Also, I think the new music video director is genius, and I can't wait for the new song and music video!

Sayashi Riho gets attention for being a stellar performer!
Because she's such a great performer!!!! I know I shit on her for being a below average singer, but the fact of the matter is that she's the perfect frontgirl who is so compelling and extremely talented. The world should know. She's miles ahead of Oshima Yuuko.

Ikuta Erina and Suzuki Kanon become variety regulars!!!
On the same channel or respective channels, I actually don't care. I just want the world to know how fun they are to watch, because they are!!! Also, Kanon is so pretty. SO PRETTY. Erina is too, but Kanon keeps reminding me just how beautiful she is!

Kudo Haruka becomes a model endorsing something!
Look at her!!! LOOK AT HER!!!

Oda Sakura has more solo songs!
She deserves it! Her voice is great, and the world should know it!

Nonaka Miki!!!!
I think that Nonaka Miki is the best decision Tsunku has made in a while. She's like a professional already, and is so talented. Her English will also really help this group soar, and I'm so excited for her to be active in the group already!!! ^_^

Nov. 28th, 2014

New Blood!!!! (Monster Post)

Hello!!!! Long time no see!!! So!! A lot has happened between the last time I posted and now!!!

Firstly, I would like to say お疲れ様でした。to Michishige Sayumi. I haven't always loved her, but when I realized where her true charm and prowess lay, I really could appreciate her last year in Morning Musume.

Next, I would like to welcome Country Girls to Hello! Project, I guess!!! I think it's stupid that Satoda Mai and Momochi are technically "in" Country Girls, and I hope that changes because I think it's distracting from their light and popularity potential.

Yamaki Risa (17) (H!P KKS 2013-2014) - I'm going to go ahead and say that she's the leader for my purposes. She auditioned for the first 12th generation Morning Musume and didn't get in, but I have really wanted her to debut since I saw her. She's so pretty and poised, albeit a little boring, but that's okay. We can work on it.

Inaba Manaka (16) (H!P KKS 2013-2014) - I knew she was destined to debut. As soon as she joined H!P, I was taken with her. What a cute cute girl!!! She is also very even tempered and seems so kind. <3 Also, she was an EXILE backup dancer, so yay!!! She auditioned for 9th generation Morning Musume.

Morito Chisaki (14) - She's cute!!! Second 12th Generation Morning Musume finalist.

Shimamura Uta (14) - Second12th Generation Morning Musume finalist. She's cute but seems so serious.

Ozeki Mai (12) - Second 12th Generation Morning Musume finalist. This was a good decision only because she's the daughter of some really big shot team's coach. lol. Can you say Yomiuri Giants? People will totally have interest in this group if only for this reason. On another note, she's superweird looking. That haircut does nothing at all for her.

All in all, I'm interested to see where this lineup goes. ^_^ It should be a good time. I hope they have good songs and that at least some of the girls are good singers.

Next, I would like to welcome the 3rd generation to S/mileage!!!

Murota Muzuki (16) H!P KKS (2012 - 2014) - I'm glad that she is finally debuting. Honestly, I felt like time was running out for her, so I'm so happy that she is getting a chance. She's a great singer and is a lot of fun to watch. Plus, I think it's great that she auditioned for S/mileage over three years ago and is finally in!!!

Aikawa Maho (15) (H!P KKS 2014-2014) - She's new, so I don't have an opinion on her. She's really tall, though...

and my favorite!!

Sasaki Rikako (13) (H!P KKS 2013-2014) - I'm not going to lie. I was kind of upset that she ended up in S/mileage instead of Morning Musume, but I get it. If Rikako was in Morning Musume, that would be like an automatic star for the already starship group, so she was put into the group that is kind of suffering with lack of interest and popularity, so I completely understand... I'm just still bitter and annoyed. lol. But I think that she alone will breathe new life and interest into this group. Also, old news, but she looks like Mizuhara Kiko... it's so crazy, but she could definitely start being a model or actress soon. ;)

Generally speaking, I'm excited for the new S/mileage, or whatever they decide to be renamed (I hope it's something cooler). I think that Katsuta Rina and Nakanishi Kana are still a complete waste of space and should graduate soon, but what are you going to do, really? I think my favorite ranking in S/mileage goes Rikako, Dawa, MeiMei, Mizuki, Take-chan, Kanyon, Maho, Rina, Kana. lol.

Onto the main event, I would like to welcome the 12th generation!!! I was right on with Maria, and then the two randoms are going to be there, and I was almost there with Akane.

Ogata Haruna (15) - She's a figure skater, apparently. She seems kind of like a princess and she's very, ummm... boring and untalented? I get that they need a project girl with almost every generation, but really? Lol. Those are just my first impressions after seeing her auditions. We'll see what she's made of in a few months, though I guess!!! She is pretty, though. I'll give her that. :P

Nonaka Miki (15) - I LOVE HER!!!! As soon as I saw her, I was like, wowwwww, what a cute girl. Those dimples melt me. :P She also seems kind of like a princess, but for some reason, she seems more pulled together. She's like a robot in the sense that she's so calm and collected about everything, and she's good at everything. She's going to be either in or near the center very soon... I hope.

Makino Maria (13) (H!P KKS 2012-2104) - I love her. She has such a big personality, and I really love it. Not to mention that she's absolutely beautiful and so pure!!! ^_^ She can't really sing, but that's okay!!! You don't really have to sing to be front and center and the focus of attention.

Haga Akane (12) (H!P KKS 2013-2014)- I know that I said I would like her to be in Morning Musume, but that was conditional. If Rikako and Maria weren't in, then I would want her and Musubu to be in MM together. lol. Either way, I'm sure we'll see the benefits of her being in this group soon enough. She seems super clever, so we'll see how long she stays because I know that she wants to be like KonKon, and she graduated like 5 years? after being in the group. I just wish she was a little cuter, but she'll grow into it. lol. There have been a number of members that have grown into their good looks.

I'm really excited for what this generation will bring to Morning Musume, but I'm also a little concerned about the fact that everyone in MM except for Haruna, Akane, and Maria are basically the same age, so that means that no one is graduating like anytime soon. From Mizuki to Miki there's only a 3 year gap between them, so I wonder how long it's going to take until people start graduating. 9th generation basically just joined (4 years ago, but still) and is leading this whole thing, so I wonder who's going to graduate first. I'm going to guess on Haruna since she's already 20, but who knows? She's only been in the group for 3 years though. The years go by so fast!!!

And because there are 7 KKS debuting into H!P this year, that means a lot of my favorites are gone??? So who am I going to cheer on to debut now that Rikako and Maria are gone???

Well, I'm so happy you asked.

Danbara Ruru (13) (H!P KKS 2013-Present) - Ruru. I know that she's not the cutest nor is she photogenic, but her voice, man. I think she should debut as a soloist, honestly. Unfortunately, she's no Matsuura Aya or Mano Erina in the looks department, so in the idol world, her voice alone can only carry her so far.

Wada Sakurako (13) (H!P KKS 2012-Present) - She seems funny, so I'm supporting her from the bottom of my heart!!!

Kishimoto Yumeno (14) (H!P KKS 2012-Present) - Look at her!!! She's so cute, and deserves to debut immediately.

Funaki Musubu (12) (H!P KKS 2013-Present) - Musubu!!!! That overbite smile is adorable, and her singing abilities are no joke. She's a really powerful vocalist even at this age. She can do so much.

Sep. 29th, 2014

This is going to be a short one!!!

So in a few hours, the long awaited Morning Musume 12th generation announcement is going to happen!!!! I wish that they had given us footage of the top 10 potentials, but it's okay. Since I only know the faces of KKS right now, I'm going to convey who I would like in MM'15 and why!!!!

Makino Maria (13) - Pretty much since I saw her, I wanted her to be in Morning Musume. She's just so much fun, I think that she would give a new light to the group!!! Also, if she joined with Rikako, I would be elated... like Kago/Tsuji part golden. She's not particularly good at singing or dancing, but I think that she would be a great and fun addition. <3

Sasaki Rikako (13) - Everyone knows how obsessed I am with her. Doesn't she look like a little Mizuhara Kiko? I can see her being the new center girl who gets all of the advertisement and variety show offers. She has a really loud personality, and she has a face and character that you're instantly drawn to. She's my golden girl of this generation. <3 (I also love the fact that she dances like her life depends on it, and I loveeee her voice. Haruka/Rikako husky voice combi...?)

Funaki Musubu (12) - Just because I think that she is so cute and so unexpectedly good at singing. I pick her over Ruru any day for Morning Musume, because at the end of the day, Ruru knows she has it, and this girl has it, but doesn't know... I think this kind of attitude that you can't hate belongs in Morning Musume right now.

Runners Up:

Kishimoto Yumeno (14) - I actually really love her and wouldn't mind her in the group at all!!! I think she should get her own group with Ruru though, honestly.

Haga Akane (12) - SO CUTE!!!!!!! It's the Haga Akane effect. She could fit right into the group. <3

Also, I have this weird feeling that Ogawa Rena (14), Murota Mizuki (16), and Wada Sakurako (13) are going to be in new S/mileage...

Anyway, I hope that I'm right about at least one of these girls on this list!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 And just for good measure, I also put Yamaki Risa (16) on this list, but I don't know how Tsunku-san will feel about her age. ^_^

AHHHHHH!!!! The first generation after Sakura!!! I hope they add at least two people!!!!!

Rikako and Maria for MM'15!!!!!!!

Feb. 6th, 2014



I got inspired. So Morning Musume has a lot of songs, and it's impossible to ran them all. Because of that, I wanted to rank Morning Musume debut songs!!!!! There are 11 generations and 12 debut songs, so it's not that hard. :D They're all good songs for the most part, though!

12. Onna ni Sachi Are (2007) - 8th Generation Pt. 2 - Linlin/Junjun

I don't hate this song... I just don't think it's the best debut. Not to mention that the costumes are awful and the music video is weird. :P

11. Egao YES Nude (2007) - 8th Generation Pt. 1 - Mitsui Aika

The eighth generation was such a mess!! Aha. I actually like this song and the costumes, but don't like anything about Aika, so that's why this is here. :)

10. Morning Coffee (1997) - 1st Generation - Nakazawa Yuuko, Ishiguro Aya, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Fukuda Asuka

It's a classic! But it's so boring. :) Nevertheless, I'll always sing to it.

9. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (2012) - 10th Generation - Iikubo Haruna, Ishida Ayumi, Sato Masaki, Kudo Haruka

See, this song isn't really bad when it comes down to it. It's cute and catchy. I think my only issue really is that there are 17+ members wearing chicken suits. :)

8. Maji Desu Ka Suka (2011) - 9th Generation - Fukumura Mizuki, Ikuta Erina, Sayashi Riho, Suzuki Kanon

It's cute, fun, and a great introduction to the 9th generation (since all of them have solo lines!!!!). Not to mention that all of the senpai members are totally adorable, and the costumes are complete win.

7. Iroppoi Jirettai (2005) - 7th Generation - Kusumi Koharu

I didn't like Koharu, but I can't deny that this song is great enough for that not even to be an issue. Everyone on lead vocals sounds amazing, and it's a really sexily performed song that I loved seeing from Morning Musume at this point.

6. Help Me! (2013) - 11th Generation - Oda Sakura

Sakura has the best debut song of the younger generations. The costumes... ehh... not so much, but all of Sakura's solo lines scream HBIC and it's the first of a string of number one singles for a reason! I hope that from now on, Sakura only experiences number one singles throughout her career as a Morning Musume member!

5. Mr. Moonlight~Ai no Big Band~ (2001) - 5th Generation - Takahashi Ai, Konno Asami, Ogawa Makoto, Niigaki Risa

<3 My second favorite generation. <3 I love this song, a) because Yossie is the center, and b) because it's brilliant and funny. I love the big band aspect of it, and it never gets old. It's something that can always be performed, and I love it.

4. Summer Night Town (1998) - 2nd Generation - Yasuda Kei, Yaguchi Mari, Ichii Sayaka

This is a song that can only be performed with members that have the vocals for it, but I can never turn it off when it's on.

3. Happy Summer Wedding (2000) - 4th Generation - Ishikawa Rika, Yoshizawa Hitomi, Tsuji Nozomi, Kago Ai

!!!!! This was going to be number one, honestly. It's my favorite generation, and it's such a fun song. I never get as excited hearing ~Congratulations~ as I do when it's in the introduction of this song. It's a fun song that also makes me cry and smile at the same time.

2. Shabondama (2003) - 6th Generation - Fujimoto Miki, Kamei Eri, Michishige Sayumi, Tanaka Reina

So this song is a classic, and also a song I never ever ever tire of hearing live. What better way to welcome the new generation than give them a powerful angry love song with lots of screaming that requires lots vocal prowess?

1. Love Machine (1999) - 3rd Generation - Goto Maki

But even though all of these songs have their merits, the best debut song has to go to Love Machine. Every person in Japan knows this song. It's a classic and a million seller that will always be remembered. Even if Tsunku-san does remix after remix, nothing will be better than the original song and the original cheesy choreography. It was dethroned as the highest selling female idol single by AKB48 a while ago, but I doubt that people will actually remember Sayonara Crawl or Manatsu no Sounds Good! in a few years. Cheers to Love Machine and Goto Maki!!!!!

Dec. 28th, 2013


So my periodic Morning Musume ranking post. Come to think of it, I haven't done one since before Help me! came out.

This was a fantastic year for the group, and I am so so so incredibly proud of them. I started loving the group as the Platinum Era was going out, and now I love them more than ever. What the Platinum Era was missing was that rookie energy. There was no more room for improvement, because they were all seasoned professionals. The fun of Morning Musume is getting to know each member and seeing them grow from their entrance to their graduation. Although it was sad to see each Platinum member go, as it always is, we are seeing a fresh group full of color. Each member contributes something valuable to the group, and that combined talent has always made them a reckoning force in the industry, and the public is realizing that with the Morning Musume of today. I have to say that I've grown really attached to this Morning Musume, and I can't really imagine the group without any one of them. That thought makes me really sad. With that said, I'm going to change my post. Instead of a yearly ranking...


1. Michishige Sayumi (24) 6th generation (2003-present)

Sayumi is one of the most admirable leaders of Morning Musume. With no one else in her generation or near her generation around her, she is guiding this group alone. She isn't the most talented of people, with her voice and dance lacking in a lot of ways, but she is an interesting character and provides a lot of support, familiarity, and relief for the younger generations. Even though she has shed her former Sayu persona, I find her more appealing than ever. She has a sense of maturity, and has grown into herself. Her graduation is like a ticking clock now, and when she leaves I will be both sad and afraid, but mostly thankful for everything she has contributed to Morning Musume over the past eleven years.

2. Fukumura Mizuki (17) 9th generation (2011-present) H!P (2008-present)

Fuku-chan! In a word, Fuku-chan is reliable, and probably the one most suited to be the leader of this group after Haruna. She loves Morning Musume and has developed a competitive edge that is driving her to be better every day. I love hearing her sing, and she now has a presence on stage that she didn't have before. She is extremely mature, albeit a little boring on television shows, but she's growing into a really wonderful woman and she is an irreplaceable member. I can't wait for her growth in the next few years. It makes me sad to think that January will mark the 9th generation's forth year, and that usually means graduations, but I'm hoping that they stick around for a little longer.

3. Ikuta Erina (16) 9th generation (2011-present)

Aiming to be the best idol in the world. lol. She can't possibly accomplish this, but I appreciate her efforts. Erina has also grown a lot as a talent, and I hope that this year she can focus on honing in on her variety skills and getting her name out in variety television, because I genuinely think that she can be the next Sashihara. I really really do. She's bright, funny, random, easy to tsukkomi... she's a great variety talent in the making, so I hope that she does her best this year to become the host of something!!! I love watching her on television.

4. Sayashi Riho (15) 9th generation (2011-present)

Sayashi!!! You know, I have gone from loving her to loving her more to disliking her, to really disliking her, and now I love her again. She really is doing her best, and I can't imagine anyone else in the group being more suited for the center position than Riho. She has quite the stage presence, and although her personality is a little (very?) boring, I love watching her perform, and I love watching her dance on stage. Her singing leaves a lot to be desired, but what are you going to do? Aside from her voice, she has all of the makings of a spectacular front girl. She's also incredibly pretty. I really want to know what she's going to look like at 20. I'm really itching to find out. ;) Provided, of course, that she stays in Morning Musume that long.

5. Suzuki Kanon (15) 9th generation (2011-present)

*sigh* Kanon. I really tried to be this girl's cheerleader, but I can't do it anymore. Kanon used to be one of my faaaavorite members, but suddenly at the beginning of 2012, she just shut down. I don't know what happened, but it's the craziest thing. Not to jinx anything, but I think that if I had to pick a member that will graduate first from 9-11, it's her. For some reason, I don't feel like she's having fun anymore, and that's so tragic because she has such a bright smile. I just don't see it anymore. Either way, her singing is improving a lot, her dancing is becoming more and more precise as the days go by, and I think that she's becoming a great performer. I just want her to focus on herself and think about what makes her stand out and what makes her special amongst these current members.

6. Iikubo Haruna (19) 10th generation (2011-present)

安心. That's what I feel when I look at her and think about her. She, like Sayumi, has almost no singing talent, and minimal dancing talent and potential. She's so awkward and jumpy, and I can't help but to see her flaws in the most endearing of ways. She is so great. I feel like I could watch her forever on shows. Maybe it's because she's two years younger than I am, but I feel like we could be friends if we ever met. She exudes that sense of comfort, and I would really like her to be the next leader of Morning Musume. I know that she probably won't be because of Fuku-chan, but she has everything it takes and more. She can't lead by example, but if I every wanted to cry on anyone's shoulders, they would be hers. :)

7. Ishida Ayumi (16) 10th generation (2011-present)

*scream* I love her. She's so great. I love watching her talk, smile, and generally exist. She's really cute, and I'm starting to think that the brown hair was a good idea on an unrelated note. She's really talented, and she's an amazing dancer. Like, as a performer she just blows me out of the water. Her singing voice on the other hand is improving. It's not quite pleasant to listen to yet, but she's working hard, and I hope that she can secure her place in the center!!! She's just so much fun to watch. As a personality, she just seems very fun loving, and I think that's probably my favorite part about her. She has a Yaguchi appeal in the sense that she's little but has a big and shining personality. I can't wait to see what kind of idol she'll become. <3

8. Sato Masaki (14) 10th generation (2011-present)

With Masaki, I have kind of bittersweet feelings towards her as a lead vocalist... like over Sakura. That is just ridiculous to me, but Tsunku knows best, so whatever. That being said, she has improved so much vocally. She's been working on her range, and I really appreciate the fact that more lines have been distributed to her. She has a cute voice and it's starting to become very powerful, so I guess we'll know for sure after she finishes going through puberty, right? :) She's also so much fun to watch. I never know or understand what she's talking about because she's so random, but so funny. I love her laugh, and I love the very fact that she finds everything and anything funny. She creates a very lighthearted atmosphere, and I really like the atmosphere surrounding the current Morning Musume because of it. For the most part, everyone in the group is pretty serious and stoic, and Masaki makes things playful. :) I'm looking forward to seeing how 2014 treats her.

9. Kudo Haruka (14) 10th generation (2011-present) H!P (2010-present)

This is no secret, but I have the biggest crush on her. She's probably the most put together member after Sayumi which is crazy because she's the youngest. She's extremely well spoken, and presents herself extremely well. She needs to be the next leader of Morning Musume in the future. She's so suited for the role. I can't imagine Morning Musume without her, but I also want the world to realize how amazing she is as a talent. She's a great dancer and singer, and she's b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. I know that she has this tomboy thing going on, but oh my goodness, she's so pretty. I could stare at her photo books forever. I honestly think that she's probably the cutest member or Morning Musume right now. She could so easily be a model. So I hope that she gets more exposure and does spreads in magazines in a few years.

10. Oda Sakura (14) 11th generation (2012-present) H!P (2011-present)

Sakura is something that the current Morning Musume cannot do without. Tsunku-san said it right when he said that her voice was like spring. It is so refreshing and beautiful. <3 I love watching her perform, and I think that it's amazing that she has such confidence in her abilities after only performing in Morning Musume for a year, but I'll give her two since she was a Kenshuusei. She seems so sure of herself when she's speaking, singing, dancing - everything, really, and it's amazing. She is a jack of all trades, and I have absolutely nothing bad to say about her. It's one of those situations where even though she's amazing now, I still want to know how far she'll go within the group, and how much improvement she'll make in the company. In the future, I wan't her to become a soloist in the company within the group and after she graduates from Morning Musume, but that's a ways away (hopefully). She's also getting a lot cuter as the months go by, so I can't wait to see what she looks like in a few years. <3

Like I said before, I've become really attached to this group of girls, so I can't wait for what the year 2014 will bring for them!!!


Nov. 30th, 2013


It has been a very long while. So since I haven't written, a lot has happened in the world of J-Pop. Most notably, in the world of Hello!Project, which has become relevant overnight! This is extremely exciting for me, because hopefully more people will take an interest in one of my many H!P centered blogs. I know that I've been slacking on my Johnny's family blogging lately, but that's only because the company hasn't come out with any new or interesting acts or formulas that I can get behind. The company also isn't debuting the Juniors I need in J-Pop circulation, so I'm a little pressed. ;)

Anyway, because Hello! Project is becoming more and more relevant as the days go by, I thought that I would make this a Morning Musume centered post. This was actually inspired by their last omake segment on Hello! Station. They have some killer tour costumes, but also some that make me go ??? WHY???? Hence...


Morning Musume has been around for a long time, and they have had a lotttt of singles, so I'll split this up into my top/bottom 5 in 5 year increments to be completely fair to the 90's. :) LESGO!!!

1997-2002 (TBH, This period was really just all bad...)


5. Happy Summer Wedding (PURPLE) (2000)

Ugh... and the makeup doesn't help.

4. I WISH (2000)

No matter how much I love the song... these pant/skirt jumpsuits with the flight attendant scarves was just awful.

3. Love Machine (1999)

I know that the costumes were supposed to be gimmicky, but they were still ugly.

2. The Peace (GOLD) (2001)

AHHHHHH... Whyyyyy?? The sailor suits are so cute.

1. Ren'ai Revolution 21 (2001)

Are words even needed?

BEST: ("best")

5. Sou da! We're alive! (2002)

And by top 5, I mean, I liked Yaguchi's costume a lot. <3

4. Do It! Now (2002)

There were some cute versions of this outfit... i.e none of the pant suits.

3. Koi no Dance Site (1999)

These were pretty cute, actually. I liked the blue ones more though. <3

2. The Peace! (SAILOR)

You can't go wrong with a sailor outfit. You really can't. Also, Ishikawa center. <3

1. Morning Coffee (1998)

You can't beat a classic school uniform...

2003-2008 (This era deserves a bottom 10...)


5. As for One Day (2003)

Because they are meh and unflattering on everyone but Ishikawa, as most things are.

4. Go Girl ~Koi no Victory~ (2003)

These outfits just upset me all the time. Jumpsuits? COME ON. They are flattering on actually no one.

3. Onna ni Sachi Are (2007)

Yellow feather boas and gold headpieces, PLEASE STOP. It's like this era's version of The Peace! In other news, this marked the last time Aika was relevant in a photograph.

2. Roman ~ My Dear Boy ~ (PURPLE) (2004)

... why would they do this to them... for a SINGLE? There are cuter ways to look like a gangster. Maybe open the trench coats, make them black or red and add ripped shorts and aggressive chains and jewelry?? Boots too, because training shoes aren't that hardcore.

1. Aruiteru (2006)

The outfits they actually used to promote the song were so cute. Why they decided to don these disasters is way beyond me.


5. Egao Yes Nude (2007)

They were neither here nor there for me, but they were amongst the best of the worst.

4. Roman ~My Dear Boy~ (NOT PURPLE) (2004)

The non-purple version of these costumes were actually cool.

3. The Manpower!! (2005)


2. Resonant Blue (2008)

Despite the outfit segregation, they were cu~te. Chokers, anyone?

1. Kanashimi Twilight (2007)

I told you, you can do no wrong with a school uniform. The stiletto heels on Mikitty's part are sort of scary, but still hot. <3

2009-2013 (This is kind of like the "good period". Despite this fact, there are quite a few gems here.)


5. Ren'ai Hunter (2012)

I love the song so much that I was almost fooled into liking the costumes. But lol, they are unflattering aluminum jumpsuits. See: I WISH, Go Girl.

4. Help Me! (2013)

Really though, with these costumes. They aren't bad, but they're pretty bad. Animal prints and pink tutus? At least the shape is there. And I like the garter belts.

3. Onna ga Medatte Naze Ikenai (2010)

It's okay for women to stand out... just not like this. Those headpieces and red things have got to go...

2. Pyoko Pyoko Ultra (2012)

... In theory, these are cute. In reality, these are chicken costumes put on girls from 12 to 23... unacceptable. But again... I like the garter belt on Reina. Every era has its yellow disaster. See: The Peace!, Onna ni Sachi Are.

1. Seishun Collection (2012)

Unforgivable. I am personally offended when i see these costumes. What were their stylists thinking??? If they had worn their private clothes I would have been way happier. See: Roman ~My Dear Boy~


5. Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game (2010)

I really loved these costumes. This was the Morning Musume I really fell in love with. This song is the reason why I'm a fan today.

4. One Two Three/ The Matenrou Show (2012)

Uniforms, I say... Uniforms.

3. Nanchatte Ren'ai (2009)

These costumes were the classiest. <3

2. Brainstorming (2013)

It was a battle between this and first place. I looooove these costumes... like so much.

1. Ai no Gundan (2013)

But ultimately, I adore these costumes.

Jun. 12th, 2013


Today's post is going to be..... my....

Top 15 Favorite Morning Musume Coupling Songs!!!!!

So I had this realization that some Morning Musume coupling songs go under my favorite song "Morning Musume song" list period. And so. Since I love rankings and stuff. I decided to do one for this cause. When I made the full list, it came down to 27 songs, but I narrowed it down to my top 15!!!


15. Dekiru Onna -  Ai Araba It's All Right! - (2004)

I don't know exactly what it is about this song that has had me hooked since first listen, but it's a good one. From the lyrics, to the instruments, and the vocal dynamism, this is a great great great song. It just sucks that it was only performed once and without the original members. Still a great performance, though, three years after it was written. Enjoy!

14. Tokimeki Tokimeke - Brainstorming/ Kimi Sae Ireba Nani mo Iranai - (2013)

This is a new one! It's the only post 2009 B-side on my favorites list. It's an addicting song for whatever reason. Forget that neither Michishige nor Harua can sing, and it's not a classic that can be easily recycled for future generations. For now, it's a fun and good song that I thoroughly enjoy every part of. Enjoy!

13. Subete Ai no Chikara - Nanchatte Ren'ai - (2009)

I didn't think I would find a performance of this, but I found two!!! I love this song, mostly because of Linlin, but also because it's a great great song that captured my heart as soon as I found it. <3 I like this performance because it has the original nine performing it, and this live just captures the feel of the song so well. Enjoy!

12. NATURE IS GOOD! - Osaka Koi no Uta - (2005)

I love this song a lot a lot a lot, and I was sad when it turned into a duet live instead of having lines distributed, but what can you do. I love every performance of this song, but this one was one of the first in 2006, so I'll leave you with this one, even though there are better. <3 Yossie and Reina. The Gaki/Reina performances are wonderful too. <3

11. 3,2,1 BREAKIN' OUT! - Shouganai Yume Oibito - (2009)

I LOVE THIS SONG!!!! I LOVE IT!!! It's the best to watch live. It was also surprisingly difficult to find performances. My favorite performance of this one is during the Platinum 9 Smile tour, but this version is fun too. It's the Rival Survival concert. <3 The actual performance only makes up a small portion of the video, but it's also a fun Guru guru Jump performance too. :)

10. Tsuugaku Ressha - Happy Summer Wedding- (2000)

This song is so prettily hypnotizing. I love it. It's such a pretty song. A great coupling track, since Happy Summer is also a wonderful, wonderful song. Unfortunately, this one also has only been performed once (twice if you count Michishige's solo version, but I don't usually) and not with the original members. It's like during the Sexy 8 Beat concert, Yossie was determined to perform all of her favorite songs that had never been performed in concert before. I'm not complaining, since they're my favorites too! Enjoy! By the way, in this performance, my WTF outfit award goes to Kamei. Seriously?

9. Please! Jiyuu no Tobira - Onna ni Sachiare - (2007)

As soon as I heard it, I was in love! And I also fantasize what it would have sounded like if Miki was in it. Anyway, this song is so much fun to watch live and listen to! It's great lyrically as well. :) Enjoy! They're all so young here! Can you believe that basically no one from this era is here anymore? It was a great one, and they had great songs too. I can't believe this was almost seven years ago.

8. Hand Made CITY - Kanashimi Twilight - (2007)

I really loveeed Mikitty on lead vocals for this song, but alas, her boyfriend took her away before she could perform this with the girls. Kamei did a great job for three years though. I love this song, and it's one of my favorites to see live. Tsunku's too, apparently. Enjoy the Rival Survival version of the song! I love these costumes so much, by the way.

7. Odore! Morning Curry - Aruiteru - (2006)

This song is so much fun to listen to, and I think it's so so so funny that it couples Aruiteru. It's a great song that I always have tons of fun listening to and watching because it's so avant garde and absurd that I love it. :) The performance! It was just a question of which pre-Yossie's departure performance. This song isn't the song without Yossie. While Ai-chan does a great job, it's one of those Yossie songs, you know? I love the costumes for this one, and they alllll look great at the same time for once, so that was the deciding factor. :P

6. Never Forget - Memory Seishun no Hikari - (1999)

It's a great song. So I decided that graduation solos didn't count, but this is a great song, so it does. It makes me cry every time I hear it. It really is a great song lyrically and instrumentally. Unfortunately, when I think of this song, I think of Kei-chan and Risa, and then Asuka (even though her version recorded is the best). Risa's my favorite, so here's her graduation performance! Kei-chan sang it better at her graduation though, I will say that.

5. Popcorn Love - Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ - (2001)

AHHHH!!! POPCORN LOVE!!! I really love this song. <3 There is nothing bad about it. It's fun, cute, and touching at the same time. Everything is Popcorn Love! <3 I love the original song, but since there's only one live performance of it, which sucks because it's an incredible song (-_-). So, thank you Yossie, again, for using your graduation concert to perform all of my favorite songs. Here it is! I hate that Aika and Koharu are in it, but Mikitty's in it, so that balances it out a little? Enjoy! It's a wonderful song! I love every second of it.

4. Love and Peace! HERO ga Yattekita - The Manpower - (2005)

I love this song so much that I got distracted for an hour just watching performances. You really can't go wrong with this one. It's so upbeat and makes your heart soar at the same time. The lyrics are great and so much fun to listen to. <3 I don't know which version to choose, since every performance of this song is wonderful! We haven't seen Rika yet in these selections, so the performance at her graduation concert with close to the original line up. 10 people. The entire 5th and 6th generations with Rika and Yossie.

3. Dekkai Uchuu ni Ai ga Aru - The Peace! - (2001)

This is a song that I always feel like listening to no matter what. Sometimes it makes me cry, sometimes it makes me happy, but it is an undeniably classic and great Morning Musume song. It's so inspirational and lovely. <3 I don't even mind that it's almost 6 minutes long, because I'll always listen to the whole thing. The Peace was one of the most perfect singles. Two classics in one.

2. KoiING - Go Girl! Koi no Victory - (2003)

The song in which I fell in love with Fujimoto Miki even though she only has one line. :D This is one of my favorite morning musume songs to date, and I think everyone will agree with me on this. It's beautiful, the lyrics are great, and Ai-chan is on lead vocals. What more could you ask for? Tsunku-san saw an early gem in Kamei for this song, but it works. If Morning Musume had a "kami kyoku" album, this would definitely be in it. The first performance that would spring many many performances and covers. It's really a great great great song.

1. Sono Bamen de Bibiccha Ikenai jan! - Resonant Blue - (2008)

Last but not least!!! This song is one of my favorite songs period. It can always put me in a good mood and always has me dancing. <3 This is one of Tsunku's best creations for the Platinum Era, and it was coupled with Resonant Blue! How perfect is that? I would have bought 200 copies of that single if I could have. My favorite performances of this song are usually the big H!P performances because it's a huge and flamboyant song, so I love seeing lots of girls onstage dancing to it usually followed by Koko ni Iruzee or something like that. It's a great song! The Platinum Era was the awesome and they had great songs! <3

So in conclusion, I love morning musume's B-sides from 2005-2009. That four year period was my favorite in terms of MoMusu B-sides. There's a whole list of 27 favorites though. <3 Thanks for reading this far!!!

Jun. 8th, 2013

Because I shouldn't put this off any longer: 気になります、ね〜

I can't wait for the 12th generation results to come out... I really can't. In the meantime, I've been fantasizing about which H!P Kenshuusei members I would like to enter MoMusu during this audition. I've become quite a fan of some of the KSS members between this year and last, and now that I've been put at ease regarding Karin's debut, and I'm almost positive that Nanami is going to debut with another H!P unit, I can focus on the new blood. There are two! Also, a note about what I'm expecting from these auditions. Vocal prowess would be nice, but I would really like Mizuki, Kanon, Ayumi, and Sakura to take lead vocals... Riho too (grudgingly, but it can't be helped), and Masaki and Haruka on supporting vocals when they're ready and trained, so I think Morning Musume is good on the singing front, and a kid that can dance wouldn't be bad, but also not necessary, since Riho and Ayumi have got a chokehold over the dance center thing. I do want someone cute (enough to rival Sayu) and fun to watch. Someone interesting who has personality and is also a little bit unpredictable. If she had stayed, that person would have been Koharu (even though I was never her biggest fan), but since she and Reina are gone, and Kanon's spirit she had two years ago has been putting itself in a bottle recently, Morning Musume needs another kid with a little more personality. So that's what I hope for. Not to say that they don't have personality, I just think that for the most part, they're all very good and predictable kids right now.

1. Sasaki Rikako (12) H!P (March, 2013 - Present)

So almost immediately after she joined H!P Kenshuusei, I have been obsessed with her. I look at her pictures a million times a day and I listen to her singing Choito Kawaii Urabanchou an unhealthy amount. She is so cute. SO. CUTE. She's one of the cutest members of Hello!Project to me right now. Those eyes! And dimples! And ears!!!! <3 <3 <3 She's also not a bad singer either. She's pretty good, actually. I like her voice. Though, if she joins Morning Musume, she'd have to fight with Haruka on the whole husky voice front. I really would love for her to join, but if she does, another new ace would be in town, and she, Riho, Sakura, and Ayumi would have to throw down. Aside from that, she looks fun. I want to get to know her character better to really decide, but I think amongst the current KSS members, I would have the most fun watching her and my other prospective member!

2. Makino Mariya (12) H!P (December, 2012 - Present)

I don't know what it is... but she looks cool. She looks like she could be trouble, and I love it. I might be wrong, but I might not be. I know what Tsunku-san meant when he said that she looked clever. She does. And I hope he puts her to good use in some way, because otherwise it would be a waste. She looks ambitious and interesting, and I want to watch her. She's also super cute. <3 SO cute, I could look at her forever. It helps that she's Sayu's favorite KSS member. :P

And there's one member who has piqued my interest super super recently... like today, really:

Inaba Manaka (15) H!P (May 5, 2013 - Present)

I don't know what it is, but I just find her irresistibly cute. I just want to keep looking at her and buy a photobook or something already. I don't think that she'll get into Morning Musume, but I think that Tsunku will end up adding her to a new unit kind of like Kanazawa Tomoko. I hope to see more of her and hear her voice! She's so cute!!! <3 Nevermind that she joined like a month ago. ;)

Jun. 5th, 2013



29. Mitsui Aika (20) (H!P 2006-Present) (Morning Musume 2006-2012)

28. Katsuta Rina (15) H!P (2009-Present) S/mileage (2011-Present)

27. Nakanishi Kana (16) H!P (2011-Present) S/mileage (2011-Present)

26. Sudo Maasa (20) H!P (2002-Present) Berryz Kobou (2004-Present)

25. Hagiwara Mai (17) H!P (2002-Present) C-ute (2005-Present)

24. Natsuyaki Miyabi (20) H!P (2002-Present) Berryz Kobou (2004-Present)

23. Yajima Maimi (21) H!P (2002-Present) C-ute (2005-Present)

22. Shimizu Saki (21) H!P (2002-Present) Berryz Kobou (2004-Present)

21. Wada Ayaka (18) H!P (2004-Present) S/mileage (2009-Present)

20. Suzuki Kanon (14) H!P (2011-Present) Morning Musume (2011-Present)

19. Tokunaga Chinami (21) H!P (2002-Present) Berryz Kobou (2004-Present)

18. Nakajima Saki (19) H!P (2002-Present) C-ute (2005-Present)

17. Fukuda Kanon (18) H!P (2004-Present) S/mileage (2009-Present)

16. Tsugunaga Momoko (21) H!P (2002-Present) Berryz Kobou (2004-Present)

15. Takeuchi Akari (15) H!P (2008-Present) S/mileage (2011-Present)

14. Sato Masaki (14) H!P (2011-Present) Morning Musume (2011-Present)

13. Fukumura Mizuki 16 H!P (2008-Present) Morning Musume (2011-Present)

12. Sugaya Risako (19) H!P (2002-Present) Berryz Kobou (2004-Present)

11. Okai Chisato (18) H!P (2002-Present) C-ute (2005-Present)

10. Sayashi Riho (15) H!P (2011-Present) Morning Musume (2011-Present)

9. Suzuki Airi (19) H!P (2002-Present) C-ute (2005-Present)

8. Ikuta Erina (15) H!P (2011-Present) Morning Musume (2011-Present)

7. Kumai Yurina (19) H!P (2002-Present) Berryz Kobou (2004-Present)

6. Iikubo Haruna (18) H!P (2011-Present) Morning Musume (2011-Present)

5. Tamura Meimei (14) H!P (2011-Present) S/mileage (2011-Present)

4. Michishige Sayumi (23) H!P (2003-Present) Morning Musume (2003-Present)

3. Ishida Ayumi (16) H!P (2011-Present) Morning Musume (2011-Present)

2. Kudo Haruka (13) H!P (2010-Present) Morning Musume (2011-Present)

1. Oda Sakura (14) H!P (2011-Present) Morning Musume (2011-Present)

Previous 10